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Tax credits can be a valuable way to boost your company’s cash flow, but businesses often don’t know which opportunities are available to them. Moss Adams provides tax credit expertise and proprietary technology solutions to help you leverage tax credit opportunities and uncover more tax savings.

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Transferable Tax Credits

For over a decade, Moss Adams has helped clients monetize more than $800 million in various types of tax credits, including historic, film, energy, low-income housing, and investment. We assist companies of all sizes as well as individuals in reducing their federal and state tax liabilities.

Moss Adams can help you certify and transfer earned credits, identify available credits, and navigate the transfer process for federal credits as well as credits in any state that offers them.


Moss Adams provides assistance at all stages of the buying process. We can help you identify transferable tax credit opportunities as well as introduce you to our national network of tax credit syndicators to acquire credits from various funds through online and private marketplaces. Additionally, we provide tax credit-diligence memoranda and private letter rulings to help you understand the tax considerations of an opportunity and gain the internal support needed to move quickly.



Timing, price, and certainty of execution are key factors when entering into a transaction to sell tax credits associated with a project. Moss Adams is experienced in bringing buyers to the table who’ll close, and we’ll provide tax insights along the way to help keep you informed of the transaction. We also work directly with your legal advisors on terms of purchase and sale agreements supporting your tax credit sales. Finally, we prepare all the transfer forms and file them with the state bodies overseeing the incentive programs.


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Hiring Credits

Through our proprietary MaxCredits© platform, employers can quickly and easily screen new hires for eligibility for multiple hiring-based tax credits.

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Additional Opportunities

In addition to transferable and hiring credit expertise, we provide an array of tax incentive consulting services related to qualification, negotiation, compliance, cost audit, cost segregation, and controversy and dispute.

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