Centralized market and real-time information

OIX Value Proposition

In an era of continuous innovation and improvement, the traditional tax market simply hasn’t kept up with the times.

The OIX revolutionizes the monetization of tax credits by providing everything you’ve come to expect from an online service, with the markets right at your fingertips.

  • Unprecedented transparency & access
  • Instant price discovery & competitive market
  • Centralized inventory & visibility
  • Automated analytics, indexing & record-keeping
  • Lower costs & more power to transact freely

Transparency & Price Discovery

Workflow Solutions

Transact with confidence and maximize the value of government issued tax credits on the OIX

Access Capital / Gain Yield

Sellers monetize credits for cash and liquidity; buyers purchase credits and gain immediate yield.

Leverage Technology

OIX software systems provide tax credit management, workflow tools and gain insightful analytics.

Streamline Processes

OIX cloud-based technology automates processes ensuring seamless access and execution.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

OIX market participants

Whether you buy or sell tax credits for your business, as a principal, or act as an advisor/intermediary for your clients, counterparties on the OIX are of the highest caliber and expect the same.

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • CPA / Tax Advisors
  • Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Intermediaries / Brokers
  • Banks
  • Lenders
  • Syndicators

Be part of the OIX community

Join the community of over 500 companies on the OIX which include F500s, national and regional CPA firms, developers, volume sellers, banks, lenders, SMBs, advisors and brokers.

Unprecedented access means everyone wins

By establishing an online community with democratized access to the tax credit market, we’ve created new opportunities for all stakeholders.


Buy with confidence

Centralized inventory and principal-to-principal transactions give you full control of your sales or purchases.


Get the best price

Transparent, competitive pricing maximizes the value and yield of your credits.


Deliver results

An automated and feature-rich platform gives you and your clients a critical edge to maximize opportunity.
OIX - The Online Incentives Exchange

The OIX provides integrated technology solutions for credit & incentive management, and offers a modernized tax credit exchange that enables the monetization of tradable credits in a safe and secure environment.