Control. Analyze. Optimize.

Multiple Upgrades To:

Reports, Analytics & Workflow

1. Save Report Results to Library

After running any ad-hoc report you now have a button to save that report’s results to your “Reports Library” with the ability to configure whom has access to it. Those with access can open it again in the future and/or download it. (Part of “Advanced Reports”)

2. Attach Workflows to Utilizations

You can now create and attach custom Workflow Templates to Utilizations in order to track each step of the process.

3. Download Analytics as PDF

You can now export your analytics screens and diagrams to PDF to share or use in your presentations. (Part of “Advanced Analytics”)

Features coming soon…

1. Advanced Reports: Auto-schedule and permission reports.


2. Advanced Reports: Ability to export data into robust Excel (.xlsx) files, including Pivot Tables, calculations, etc.


3. Ability to customize/configure credit drop down options (ie; Credit Type, Monetization Status, etc).


4. Custom Data Points: Build custom drop down selectors.


5. Advanced Analytics: Additonal analysis perspectives into your portfolio.

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