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Feature Upgrades to Two Packages:

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

See list of upgrades below!

Customers with the Advanced Reports and Advanced Analytics packages now have access to a new suite of robust features containing new views, filters and styles (see below)!

1. Report Templates

Available in: “Advanced Reports”
Select from 5 templates to extract and analyze your data in a variety of formats, such as “summary” format, “detail” format and “utilizations by credit” format.

2. Date Ranges

Available in: “Advanced Reports” & “Advanced Analytics”
Focus your results to specific periods of time, or a single date, to gain insight into historical activity as well as future estimates. A myriad of date range selectors are available enabling multiple ways to view your data!

3. Multi-Select Filters

Available in: “Advanced Reports” & “Advanced Analytics”
Previously, you could only filter by one option per drop down at a time, such as one jurisdiction. Now, you can select multiple options per drop down, such as multiple jurisdictions, to enhance your analysis.

Features coming soon…

1. Reports Library: save reports, control access and automate creation and distribution.


2. Video Tutorials: short demo videos of OIX features.


3. Custom Data Points: ability to use as filters in your reports and analytics.


4. Incentive Program Database: integration with CCH IntelliConnect.


5. Advanced Compliance Tool: advanced compliance tracking system.

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