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Feature Now Available:

Monetization Reporting
& Tailored Templates


Your new timeline tool for reporting on monetization is here

Now, from one tool, you can display your monetization forecasts and actuals over a 5+ year span. All filtering capabilities are available to see only the data you want to report on.

1. Monetization Summary Report

As mentioned above, this tool plots your utilization/monetization over a timeline, while breaking it down project by project. You can download this report as a PDF to share offline as well. Login, hover over “Analytics” and then click “Monetization Summary” in the drop down.


2. Custom Report Builder

We’ve rolled out the first stage of our custom .xlsx report building system. For now, please submit an ideal spreadsheet report template you commonly use and we can add it to your account. Soon, you’ll have the tools to build them yourself!


3. Performance Enhancements

As customer portfolios continue to grow, we continuously improve the speed of our application so that data access is “snappy”. We’ve released significant improvements over the past few weeks and more improvements are on the way!


4. Insights Expansion

With the recent launch of the OIX Blog and new team members who have joined the OIX you will start to see a significant increase in industry insights, best practices and information through our Insights Portal. Next time you login, first click the “Insights” link next to login link to see our first steps!


Features coming soon…

1. Advanced Reports: Auto-schedule and permission reports.


2. Ability to customize/configure credit drop down options (ie; Credit Type, Monetization Status, etc).


3. Custom Data Points: Build custom drop down selectors.


4. Advanced Analytics: Additonal analysis perspectives into your portfolio.


5. Ability to add certain events and/or Workflow items to “My Timeline” at the credit level.

Contact to learn more or provide feedback!