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Feature Now Available

Introducing Snapshot

The new “home page” for a credit!

Now, when you view an individual credit, Snapshot is the first page you see. Snapshot provides a quick summary of the credit so you can quickly get up to speed on that credit from one place!

Making it easy

“Snapshot” highlights key information in one place, such as status, upcoming due dates, financial summary and timeline, thereby making it super easy to check the status of an individual tax credit. Login to check it out!

New features in this release:

1. Credit Snapshot (as described above)


2. Calendar / Event Tracker is now on the individual credit level! Visit a credit and click on the “Calendar” tab to check it out.


3. Customize your credit view template. Now, you can choose between two views of your credit. Full width or traditional page view. Visit a credit and click the white icon in the top right of the credit header to toggle select the view you like best.

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