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Feature Now Available

Custom Data Points

Personalize your data fields!

When loading or editing a credit you are no longer limited to just the credit data fields offered by the OIX – now you can easily create your own custom data points and manage them across your portfolio.

Making it easy

Easily create new data points that get attached to your credits so that you can capture any custom information you want when loading/editing a credit. These data points are then made available to you across your portfolio.

Coming soon… reports, reports, reports!

1. Reports and Analytics: ability to multi-select options from each filter drop down.


2. Reports: expanded date range selectors.

3. Reports: enhanced output design/layout into Excel.


4. Reports: save outputs with a click for future access/download.

5. Reports: ability to run a report on a historical snapshot of your portfolio data in order to go back in time via the OIX “Time Machine”!

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