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Feature Upgrade:

Incentive Program
Database Expansion


Over 3,500 programs now included in
The OIX Incentive Program Database!

The OIX Incentive Program Database has been extended with 3,500+ programs as we’ve integrated the CCH IntelliConnect & Business Incentive Navigator product suite into our application.

You can access The OIX Incentive Program Database from the top navigation within your OIX account by going to OIX Resources -> Programs.

1. Incentive Program Information

We’ve extended the existing incentives programs database to include the ‘CCH IntelliConnect & Business Incentive Navigator’ product suite. This US database is refreshed automatically as programs, statutory information and compliance requirements are updated, and OIX customers will receive information on program changes or additions.


2. Advanced Search & Filters to Identify Programs

Advanced search and drill-down features are available including the ability to filter by Region, Jurisdiction, Geographic Restriction, Sector, Category and/or Tax Offsets. An interactive map can also be used to identify available incentive programs by location.


3. Program Detail, Statutory Information & Regulations

At the individual program level, robust details are provided including a detailed Description, Eligibility Requirements, Amount range, Application Provisions, Filing Requirements, Industry-Specific Considerations, and a link to recent Modifications or Discussion points. Customers with full access to our database can also click on links to access Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Amendments, and more.


Features coming soon…

1. Reports Library & Automated Distribution.


2. FOREX Hedging: manage foreign currency hedges.


3. Opportunity Zone resources.


4. Broker/Syndicator Resources launching on The OIX Platform.


5. Predictive Analytics – Monetization Pacing.

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