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Feature Enhancement:

Manage an Active Portfolio

Leverage the “Archive” feature
to stay current and accurate.

OIX filters now default to only show “Active” tax credits, so when you “Archive” a credit it will now automatically be filtered out of reports, analytics, calendar, portfolio lists, etc. However, you can easily adjust filters to include “Archived” to visualize your entire portfolio (learn more below).

1. Archive a Credit

When you have completed managing a credit, click the “gear” button on that credit to visit the “Manage” page where you can easily “Archive” (or “Re-Activate”) the credit.

2. Manage Active Credits

Your account will now only show “Active” credits by default, including: reports, analytics, heat map, calendar, credit portfolio lists and utilizations lists. This helps keep your data current to match your active portfolio and reduces clutter and confusion.

3. Access Archived Credits

All filters across the system enable you to include “Archived” credits in your results – or even filter to ONLY see “Archived” credits (thereby filtering out the “Active” portfolio).

Features coming soon…

1. Advanced Compliance Tool: advanced compliance tracking system.


2. Task Manager: centralized workflow task tracker with due dates.


3. Incentive Program Database: integration with CCH IntelliConnect.


4. Reports Library: save reports, control access and automate creation and distribution.

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