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Feature Now Available:

Advanced Compliance

Manage regulatory
compliance requirements.

Customers with the “Advanced Compliance” package now have the ability to create customized compliance tracking tools in order to stay on top of statutory or negotiated qualification requirements.

1. Compliance Management

Create customizable Compliance Templates to manage the regulatory process around credit & incentive acquisition. Stay up to date on requirements in order to always remain “in compliance” and de-risk any possible clawback, recapture or forfeiture.

2. Compliance Alerts & Reminders

Configure “reminders” and a “backup alert” ahead of the due date of a requirement to ensure a deadline or qualification is not met.

3. Compliance Reports

Create custom reports to track compliance status across all credits & incentives in your portfolio.

How to Get Started

1. Create a Compliance Template
Once logged into your OIX account, hover over the “Process” navigation drop down at the top of the page and select “Compliance”. Click to create a new template (if you have access to the Advanced Compliance feature). Select a start year and number of years to achieve compliance. Easily add compliance requirements using OIX default options or custom options you can create yourself. Add due dates and required thresholds. Configure email reminders and alert dates. Title your template and save!

2. Attach a Template to a Credit
Once you have a compliance template, visit the “Compliance” tab on an individual credit and click the button to attach a template from your library.

3. Manage Compliance on that Credit
From the “Compliance” tab on a credit, you can collaborate with your team on updating the status and current “actual” value of each requirement.

4. Track Compliance Status
As your team manages compliance across your portfolio, you will receive calendar/email reminders that have been configured and receive compliance alerts both at the individual credit level (“Snapshot” page) and at the portfolio level (Dashboard and main navigation).

5. Run Reports
You can run compliance status reports on individual credits as well as a range of report template layouts at the portfolio level.

Features coming soon…

1. Incentive Program Database: integration with CCH IntelliConnect.


2. Task Manager: centralized workflow task tracker with due dates.


3. Reports Library: save reports, control access and automate creation and distribution.


4. FOREX Hedging: manage foreign currency hedges.

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