"Incentives are one of the fastest emerging asset classes... and the world is taking notice."

Danny Bigel
Founder - The OIX
@TEDxBeaconStreet 2018

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OIX to present at ACT Annual Conference (May 20-22, 2019)

By utilizing big data and predictive analytics and machine learning and data visualization, tax departments now have the opportunity to greatly expand their ability to deliver forward-looking insights to an entire organization. Join OIX founder (Danny Bigel) and CTO (Nick Namikas) in a discussion about why now is the time for tax departments to create a tax analytics roadmap by leveraging existing technology. Discover how these solutions will drive a significant increase in enterprise value by turning tax credit & incentive portfolios into strategic assets.

May 20-22, 2019
Clearwater Beach, FL

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OIX presented a panel discussion at the 49th COST Annual Meeting

Danny Bigel, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of The OIX, participated on a panel to discuss best practices for tracking, managing and reporting on all forms of government assistance for businesses (public and private) of all sizes.  Not only is it critical to gain better control and visibility of this important asset, but to also prepare for new and pending regulations – FASB Topic 832 and IRC 118– which will require greater disclosures on: tax credits, incentives, grants, abatements, rebates, bond guarantees, refundable tax credits, statutory/negotiated incentives, etc.

October 26, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona

OIX hosted ACT Webinar on C&I best practices

OIX performed a webinar for the Tax Technology Association on best practices for compliance and management, and how integrated technology solutions provide the tools to maximize this asset. 'Integrating Tax Credit & Incentive Management Solutions with Existing Tax Technology Infrastructure to Create Seamless Optimization of these Assets'

October 16, 2018

The OIX @ TEDx - 'Emerging Technology and Smart Tax Credit & Incentive Policy'

Danny Bigel, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of The OIX, presented at TEDxBeaconStreet. Today, business (of all sizes) has successfully leveraged the inter-connectivity of information technology to build global infrastructures with unprecedented power and productivity while government has been left in the wake. But fear not; government has the tools at its disposal to combine the most effective economic development policy tools know as tax credits & incentives along with emerging technologies to regain global economic power.

August 1, 2018
TEDx Beacon Street Salon
Boston, Massachusetts

OIX - Selected as EY Top 12 Disruptive Technology - Presents at 2018 EY FinTech Conference

The EY FinTech Pitch Day is part of an overall Global Tax Innovation strategy to further the next generation of tax services as part of a systematic approach to address the many forces affecting clients’ functions. Under the guidance of Jeff Saviano, EY Global Tax Innovation Leader and Americas Tax Innovation, Solutions & Technology Leader, EY Tax teams discover, design and commercialize new tax services, with an emphasis on deployment of new technology platforms.

The OIX Announces Enterprise SaaS Platform and additions to the Executive Leadership Team

The OIX today announced the official release of its Credits and Incentives Management System (CIMS), the world's first and only enterprise class, cloud-based solution for tax credit and incentive management enabling companies to take control and gain visibility into a substantial component of its financial portfolio...

Mock & Associates Launch Market Maker Portal on The OIX

OIX CEO, Ron Bienvenu stated, 'We welcome the addition of Mock & Associates to The OIX family of partners and have every confidence they can meet your transactional needs with the level of expertise and ease of use you have grown accustomed to with our marketplace solutions.'

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The "OIX Marketplace" Era

Below are archived news articles and events pertaining to OIX’s legacy business as the first online marketplace for state transferable credits. In Q1 2018 The OIX pivoted to an enterprise technology provider for all stakeholders who touch on tax credits & incentives offering management, advisory and transactional tools to business and government.


The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit and incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.