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US Opportunity Zone Federal Tax Incentives

tax advantaged, social-impact policy

On December 22, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created a new section of the Tax Code (26 U.S. Code § 1400Z) that provides tax incentives for investments in targeted areas in the United States through investment vehicles called Opportunity Zone Funds. The purpose of Opportunity Zone Funds is to promote economic development in these select communities, known as Opportunity Zones, by offering investors substantial federal tax advantages that are only available through the new program. By investing into an Opportunity Zone Fund, investors can not only defer and reduce their existing capital gains tax liability, but also eliminate future capital gains tax on returns earned from the Opportunity Zone Fund.

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The Basics

What are Opportunity Zones?

Manage Opportunity Zone funds with The OIX Syndicator System. Opportunity Zone fund managers can leverage The OIX Platform to connect investors, investment ideas, and any type of tax incentive related to a project all in one place.

What is an Opportunity Zone Fund?

An Opportunity Zone Fund is a new investment vehicle created as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to incentivize investment in targeted communities called Opportunity Zones.

Why invest in Opportunity Zone Funds?

Opportunity Zone Funds allow investors to defer federal taxes on any recent capital gains until December 31, 2026, reduce that tax payment by up to 15%, and pay as little as zero taxes on potential profits from an Opportunity Zone Fund if the investment is held for 10 years.

How The OIX thinks about Opportunity Zones

  • The key to a successful investment and return in a qualified Opportunity Zone Fund is predicated on the fund manager’s strategy and track record and ability to demonstrate compelling returns on investment merits

  • On its own, the “capital gains tax deferral” through the incentive as legislated by S293 may not be compelling enough from an ROI perspective

  • Fund Managers who can target investment opportunities (no pun intended) in which the new Federal “incentive“ can be coupled with other State, Local and Federal tax “credits“ to greatly expand the value of their investments will be in a position to outperform their peers significantly

These are non-biased views from the team at The OIX and should not impact your investment decisions nor are they intended to be tax or financial advice

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Understand the geography

Interactive Map to identify Qualified Opportunity Zones

Click on the map or here for interactive Opportunity Zones census

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Opportunity Zone strategies to consider if you want to outperform the industry:

  • Coupling with state tax credits

  • Credit & Incentive stacking

  • Fund strategy, track record of success

  • Exit strategy and liquidity

  • Rollover after 5, 7, 10 years

The best way to navigate Opportunity Zones

from an investor or fund manager perceptive

As with any incentive analysis your business and investment is best served by

consulting with experts and advisors who stay ahead of the curve and whom provide guidance and strategic advice that pertains to your tax position.

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