Compliance systems to address proposed FASB 832 regulations

About the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pending regulation: FASB 832

FASB Topic 832 will require corporate entities (public and private) to provide details of government assistance arrangements and to report on financial impact.

Reporting requirements will include:

  • The types of arrangements;
  • The accounting for government assistance; and
  • Their effect on an entity’s financial statements

Government assistance requiring reporting will include: tax credits, incentives, rebates, grants, abatements, loan guarantees, bond guarantees, and more; all of which The OIX Tax Credit Management Systems are designed to enable and streamline.


With the intent to better align International and US GAAP accounting standards, FASB proposed new regulations, an accounting standard update, and a conceptual framework for financial reporting. If finalized, the new regulations would require changes to GAAP Financial Reporting.


The FASB conducted their last formal meeting in June 2017. The Board will now begin the effort to finalize the disclosure framework and formally resolve remaining issues (the result was expected in July/August 2017, and as of this date no update has been officially declared).


The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit and incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.