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OIX Products

  • 1. What tax credit and incentive products does The OIX offer?
  • OIX enterprise SaaS solutions are a secure cloud-based suite of applications designed to help your company navigate the tax credits & incentives landscape. We offer sophisticated and easy to use tax credit software to manage tax credits & incentives generated anywhere in the world, and with a variety of options to serve any organization's needs.
  • 2. Why do I need modern technology when I currently use spreadsheets/notepaper/or an off-the-shelf solution?
  • The OIX delivers mission critical, world class technology solutions that empower our customers to cost effectively control, analyze and optimize their global credits and incentives assets in a secure, reliable, cloud-based solution where spreadsheets or off-the-shelf database solutions simply cannot compete.
  • 3. What are some of the key benefits/functionality of OIX products?
  • In-depth and customizable reporting capabilities and portfolio analytics, document storage and indexing, electronic document execution tools, customizable workflow and compliance tools, calendar and alert/reminders, sharing and collaboration capabilities, utilization and monetization features, internal/external transfer management, internal audit trails and variance tracking, record purchases/sales and export data and/or integrate with in-house systems.
  • 4. My company generates tax credits and incentives, so which OIX product is right for me?
  • Public and private companies can leverage our state-of-the-art “Tax Credits & Incentives Management System” (“CIMS”) which enables you to track, manage and administer ANY type of tax credit or incentive (statutory, negotiated, municipal, state, federal, international, etc.) – and any form of government assistance, for that matter – generated anywhere in the world. Please contact us for a more information and a product demonstration.
  • 5. My firm provides advisory services and works with companies to manage their credits and incentives, so which OIX product is right for me?
  • CPA and advisory firms can leverage The OIX “Advisor Systems” to manage administrative activities on behalf of your clients. With The OIX Advisor System your firm can manage the procurement, workflow and compliance process specific to your internal operations and/or regulatory requirements. Functionality to share the status and lifecycle with your clients through external collaboration tools (optional, and at your discretion) makes it simple to offer clients a branded and unique experience. Customizable dashboards allow you to easily track and manage advisory fees, project leads, engagement start/end dates, and more. Our system also provides analytic and reporting tools around your entire advisory practice. Please contact us for more information and a product demonstration.
  • 6. My company specializes in tax credit transactional services, so as a broker/syndicator which OIX product is right for me?
  • Tax credit brokers and syndicators can choose The OIX Broker & Syndicator System, which provides automated transactional processing tools, and a white-label deal room (optional) to share inventory and a branded experience for your customers – both existing and new. Bring your brokerage or syndication business to the next level by reducing back-office and administrative costs while simultaneously increasing liquidity and transactional opportunities. Please contact us for a more information and a product demonstration.
  • 7. How can I manage my company's unique internal processes with the OIX Workflow & Calendar tool?
  • All OIX products incorporate a dynamic “Workflow” tool which you can customize to manage internal processes and create a library of customized compliance tasks. Certain programs require a unique workflow process, and in some cases the same credit program may require an entirely different workflow process based on the nature of the advisor/client relationship (audit/non-audit/etc.). With the OIX Workflow tool you can customize processes, address step-by-step regulations and compliance needs, “assign” tasks to collaborators, track variance and key data points. To improve efficiency, all “dates” in your system (Workflow or otherwise) roll up to your “Calendar & Event Tracker” with automated email and notification reminders sent to you and your team on a scheduled frequency. You'll never miss an important deadline! Our “Calendar” feature includes a “heat-map”, traditional calendar views, and as with all data in any OIX system you can easily export events and reminders to Outlook or iCal.
  • 8. How can I collaborate internally?
  • All OIX products enable you to collaborate within your organization by granting colleagues with access to your account. When inviting an internal collaborator you can (1) set permission levels to determine what that person can or cannot do in your system, and (2) when loading credits/incentives, you can also set additional permission levels as to which users can or cannot access/view/edit specific credits. If colleagues are not permissioned on a particular credit they will not have access nor visibility to any information surrounding related data.
  • 9. How can I collaborate externally with third parties with The OIX product suite?
  • If you need to collaborate outside of your organization (e.g. advisors, CPAs, auditors, project managers, lawyers, etc.) OIX products enable you to “share” (grant access) with third parties on a credit-by-credit basis (this does not grant access to your entire system). Granted access will be limited to a particular credit, or even a single data point within a workflow process. Therefore, you can manage permission levels with respect to view only or view/edit with third parties, and also manage access in real-time (“revoke” access or “transfer” access to third parties) with ease.
  • 10. How can The OIX help my company with newly proposed government regulation FASB Topic 832?
  • Proposed regulation (FASB Topic 832) will mandate that corporate entities (public and private) report and provide greater detail on all forms of government assistance arrangements, requiring reporting on statutory or negotiated tax credits, incentives, rebates, grants, abatements, loan guarantees, bond guarantees, and more. The OIX prepares you now and for the future.
  • 11. How does The OIX product enable my company to manage the entire lifecycle of a credit or incentive?
  • OIX products offer features to not only manage workflow and compliance processes around credit and incentive acquisition (from inception) but also includes tools to measure the fulfillment and utilization of incentives (monetization). OIX's A-Z tax credit & incentive management systems makes it simple to clearly understand and communicate the economic benefits of your credits and incentives, and with our tools to measure “actuals” and “forecasts” you can analyze the timing of their financial impact.
  • 12. My company negotiates with government agencies for credit and incentives packages so does The OIX product support those non-statutory benefits?
  • Yes. OIX products allow you to manage any type of credit or incentive (US federal, state, municipal, county, international) whether statutory, discretionary or negotiated, or for that matter any form of government assistance (including rebates, refundable credits, abatements, grants, bond guarantees, etc.) through our flexible and customizable tools. With OIX products you can manage the lifecycle, compliance and workflow needs (as required by the conditions, rules and regulations, and your internal processes) from inception through monetization.
  • 13. Can I use The OIX product to manage and process transferable or allocated “partnership” credits that I buy or sell?
  • Absolutely. OIX products are designed to support your needs to record and track any tax credit that you buy or sell privately, through a brokerdirect (whether that broker is on the OIX Platform or otherwise), or through internal transfers. Leverage our processing and closing process tracking solutions, and all of your transactional activities will directly feed your analytic and reporting tools so that you can gain insights and manage all aspects of your tax credit portfolio.


  • 1. How can I gain visibility and control of my tax credit & incentive portfolio?
  • Simple, through OIX products! Imagine if your CEO walks into your office and asks “what does our company's overall credit and incentives picture looks like.” In particular, she wants to know the company's total value of credits and incentives, when will they mature, and how will they be harvested. No matter if the total value of these credits and incentives number in the thousands, millions or even billions, if you cannot answer that question in minutes you need an integrated system that can. At The OIX, we understand the rapidly expanding and evolving market for tax credits and incentives has created a challenging environment for our customers. The addition of FASB Topic 832 regulatory regimes will only add to the burden. Our solutions give you the oversight, control and visibility you need today and into the future.
  • 2. I need to generate a myriad of reports that reflect my company's tax credit portfolio; is that possible?
  • OIX products include over 70 + native data points on any credit and incentive – plus the ability to create your own “custom data points” – which you can configure and manipulate into customized reports for viewing or exporting purposes. Visibility and reporting are key to staying on top of your organizations' financial portfolio. OIX products include the ability to (1) create a “library” of custom report templates (run ad-hoc reports at the push of a button), (2) schedule the generation of distribution of reports, and (3) save PDF reports for archiving purposes. Viewing pie charts and graphs is not enough (although OIX products have that too, of course) but configurable reporting and data exportation is critical when managing significant assets.
  • 3. How can I prevent slippage and never miss another deadline?
  • Every year, millions of dollars of tax credits and incentives are delayed and/or encumbered due to shoddy management. OIX products can help you prevent slippage and insure your organization gets every dollar it is owed, on schedule, every time by providing efficient workflow, compliance and reminder functionality to take control of this important asset class. For example, many companies still use spreadsheets or inappropriate CRM applications to manage their credits and incentives. The problems with these approaches are myriad: from version control issues, employee turnover, information access, and the sheer complexity of credit and incentive instruments (to name but a few). All of these can lead to missed deadlines and delays, and in some cases, loss of credits and incentives. OIX products meticulously track key dates, times and end users and delivers reminders and action items so you don't miss a thing. And everything is recorded with an audit trail to insure the retention of institutional knowledge and business continuity.
  • 4. How can my company optimize profitability and deliver earnings on-time, every time?
  • You can't manage what you don't track. This old business adage is even more true today when it comes to optimizing the harvest and monetization of credits and incentives on a global basis. Every year, billions of dollars of credits and incentives are lost or delayed due to lack of oversight that results in a failure to execute on requirements. OIX products provide top down organization that delivers a comprehensive system for intensively managing credits and incentives at all levels of an organization. This allows senior management to understand the overall picture while empowering department heads and divisions to insure optimal and timely monetization.
  • 5. Why should my company pay more attention to government sponsored economic development programs?
  • As governments of all sizes from around the world compete for jobs, these incentives will continue to grow, and companies need a modern, secure, enterprise solution to manage and optimize their credits and incentives portfolio. Further, the need to maximize the strategic nature of this emerging asset to be competitive, compete and win on the margins is growing at exponential rates. As long as government policy continues to include credits and incentives as economic development tools, tax credit departments need to emerge as a significant financial group, and OIX products support investment decision making so you can deliver maximum value to your company at any moment.
  • 6. Why is the tax credit and incentive asset class so important to my company?
  • As this asset class continues to gain in importance in the global economy, the ability to accurately predict the impact of these assets on the bottom line will only grow. A missed deadline or target could mean the difference between making or missing the quarterly earnings target, and OIX's cutting-edge dashboards, analytic tracking systems and reporting tools keep you abreast of all of your credit and incentive assets and insure you always know where you are in their lifecycle and forecast around utilization and monetization.
  • 7. How can my company stay compliant and be prepared for greater reporting requirements?
  • As a finance executive, the last thing you want is to be blindsided by events. The imminent arrival of FASB 832 could be one such event if you are not prepared. The good news is The OIX is a simple, cost effective solution for the management of your credits and incentives today AND into the future regulatory environment. We predict many challenging questions will arise in board rooms across the country as companies assess the best way to cope with potential political and economic issues that could result from greater public disclosure requirements. The companies that are most prepared with facts and data will be in the best position to make clear arguments about the benefits of such programs for the communities in which they operate. The OIX puts this information in your hands at the touch of a button.


  • 1. How does The OIX secure my data?
  • OIX products are secure and cloud-based solutions with end-to-end data and file encryption. The OIX harnesses the security and reliability of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, and all data, between our products is transmitted over secure SSL connections. The OIX certificates are registered with DigiCert, an industry leading SSL provider. Regarding data at rest, The OIX MySQL database leverages the AWS Relational Database Service (RDS). Amazon RDS enables OIX to encrypt its database using keys, which are managed through AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Data storage is encrypted, as are its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots. RDS encryption uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm for encryption. Click here to learn more about OIX security or contact us to request our full security documentation.
  • 2. How is my data backed up?
  • The OIX leverages Amazon RDS for its MySQL database, which provides two different methods for backing up and restoring DB instance(s): automated backups and database snapshots (DB Snapshots). The automated backup feature of Amazon RDS enables point-in-time recovery of the DB instance. Amazon RDS automatically performs a full daily snapshot of OIX data and captures transaction logs (as updates to the DB Instance are made).
  • 3. How does The OIX ensure security and encryption around document storage?
  • The OIX facilitates the uploading, storing, managing and sharing of documentation via a secure, encrypted environment built on top of the industry standard document collaboration platform, Box. Documents are transferred via high-grade TLS and stored in multi-layered encryption with 256-bit AES, Further, OIX integrates with the Box.com platform (via the JSON WebToken API) so that all documents uploaded via the OIX platform are directly uploaded, stored and encrypted on the Box platform. These documents are then accessed based on the end user's permissions and over the secure, Box JSON Web Token-based API. Document previews are embedded in The OIX interface using the Box iframe document viewer, which has DRM capabilities. Download our overview for more details.
  • 4. Tell me more about security compliance and certifications?
  • The OIX is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and AWS’s cloud complies with a robust set of standards, certifications, regulations and policies, including: SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, FedRAMP, FIPS, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CIS and many more. Amazon EC2 provides The OIX with a highly reliable environment, which runs within Amazon's proven network infrastructure and data centers, with a Service Level Agreement commitment of 99.95% availability.
  • 5. Does The OIX have access to my data?
  • Data is stored within Amazon Web Services, and your company's data can only be accessed by senior OIX employees over the internet (i.e., no physical access is permitted) with the appropriate credentials and permissions, leveraging the AWS IAM system (currently the CEO and CPO in order for support purposes). For billing purposes, the OIX only has access to the volume of credits & incentives under management and not specific credit detail.


  • 1. What are the costs associated with OIX products?
  • The OIX enterprise tax credit software products are provided through an annual license agreement and our pricing model is predicated on (1) number of internal users, and (2) features and system configurations needed. Please see the tax credit software page for more information, and/or contact us to speak with our sales team and receive a price quote and proposal. We also offer negotiated rates to large enterprise clients depending on the requirements and needs of your business.
  • 2. Can OIX products communicate with my company's internal systems?
  • In addition to the ability to export all data in your system to a CSV format, OIX can expose its secure API (RESTful “web service") to your organization's IT team enabling you to access your data for the purpose of generating highly customized reports or to develop integrations with other systems your company is leveraging.
  • 3. Can I get specialized help from The OIX on how to use the platform?
  • Yes. The OIX is there to help you navigate the platform and offer personalized support and training. We can even assist your company through the onboarding process, and we help upload all of your existing and historic credits & incentives for you.
  • 4. What legal documents are required for accessing OIX products?
  • Access to the OIX platform simply requires the acceptance of our Terms of Use, and fee structures for the use of our products are determined through a SaaS license agreement.
  • 5. Is the OIX interested in mutually beneficial partnership opportunities?
  • Yes. The OIX currently works with a number of organizations through rev-sharing and lead-gen structures. Please contact us to explore further.

The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit and incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.