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ACT Webinar | The OIX

Jan Nash, Director of Tax at Tyson Foods Inc. and Danny Bigel Founder of the OIX, discuss how leading edge tax technology solutions drive tax credit and incentive management at Tyson Foods. This webinar focused on the impact that C&I tax technology can have on an organization, best practices for implementation and execution of technology solutions, and share insights on best practices on how to gain better control and maximize the value of these important assets. In addition, the webinar addressed the business case and ROI for implementing cloud-based tax technologies, and how Tyson Foods leverages new tools to enhance its tax department. Finally, the webinar addressed the future of tax technology and wrap up with a detailed Q&A session.

Topics Include:
• Be educated on how Tyson Foods utilizes tax technology to be in sync with the rest of the organization.
• Learn about available technologies that will improve how your organization can maximize the value of tax credits and incentives.
• Learn about the benefits of this asset and how tax technology can increase the ROI.
• Be challenged to evaluate current practices, internal controls and compliance methods and discover strategic solutions.
• Identify new ways to collaborate internally and externally through cloud-based applications.


Jan Nash

Sr. Director of Tax, Tyson Foods

Danny Bigel

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at The OIX

Presentation Slides

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