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ACT Webinar | The OIX

OIX performed a webinar for the Tax Technology Association on best practices for compliance and management, and how integrated technology solutions provide the tools to maximize this asset. 'Integrating Tax Credit & Incentive Management Solutions with Existing Tax Technology Infrastructure to Create Seamless Optimization of these Assets'.

Topics Include:
• Learn about available technologies that will improve how your organization can maximize the value of credits & incentives
• Be educated on the importance of integrated information technologies (to assist SALT, treasury, etc.) to be in sync
• Gain insight on how to optimize, analyze and control cash-flows around credits & incentives through big data, predictive analytics and machine learning
• Be challenged to evaluate current practices, internal controls and compliance methods and discover strategic solutions to mitigate (or eliminate) recapture, clawback or forfeiture
• Identify new ways to collaborate internally and externally through cloud-based applications


Danny Bigel

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at The OIX

Jonathan Jenkins

Vice President, Tax Counsel at CBS Corporation

Presentation Slides

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The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit and incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.