The most effective way to control, analyze, administer and optimize tax credits & incentives

The OIX sets the new standard.

The OIX delivers mission critical, world class technology solutions that empower our customers to cost effectively control, analyze and optimize their global credits and incentives assets in a secure, reliable, cloud-based solution.

Portfolio management & compliance made simple

OIX technology provides your company with management and compliance solutions to maximize the value of credits & incentives, and prepare internal operations to comply with upcoming FASB regulations.

Enterprise solutions for every business

Since inception the OIX has developed the world’s best technology platform to empower its clients to maximize the value of credit & incentive monetization through efficient transactional dynamics. Leveraging years of expertise, the OIX offers cost-effective solutions to streamline the management, reporting, analysis, forecasting, monetization and workflow and compliance processes for credits & incentives on a global basis, inclusive of both internal and external collaboration.

Turn-key compliance tools

Proposed regulation (FASB Topic 832) mandates corporate entities (public and private) provide details of government assistance arrangements, requiring reporting on statutory or negotiated tax credits, incentives, rebates, grants, abatements, loan guarantees, bond guarantees, and more. The OIX solution prepares you now and for the future.

Enterprise software solutions to optimize your credits & incentives

Credit & Incentives Management

Manage any type of government subsidy (credits, incentives, grants rebates, etc.) earned anywhere in the world.

Advisory Systems

Manage the administrative process around credit & incentive activities performed on behalf of clients.

Blockchain Technologies

Stay in touch with OIX as we integrate Blockchain technologies to the tax credit asset class.

What customers are saying

"Since seamlessly migrating our portfolio to the OIX Credits & Incentives Management System we immediately experienced greater control of our production incentive assets, eliminated confusion, and gained increased productivity. Real-time analytics and reporting will continue to help the corporation and its business units reduce slippage, maximize value and track pacing with great efficiency. Bravo OIX!”

Graham Lee
Vice President, Production Tax Incentives at CBS Corporation

Innovating the C&I industry and the media has taken notice.

Recent Press

OIX presents at TEDx on "Emerging Technology and Smart Tax Credit & Incentive Policy".


The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit & incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.