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Tax Slippage and
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The OIX delivers results

Managing an asset of this importance demands a centralized, collaborative solution that supports a streamlined process in order to guarantee regulatory compliance

Centralize your C&I data, people and process into one integrated solution:

Incentive Data
Calendar Events
Team & Collaborators (ie, Advisors)
Tasks & Workflow
Compliance Requirements
Much More

Before the OIX...

“We had no centralized system or process in place when a team member abrupty left the company. A critical compliance task fell through the cracks resulting in a forfeited incentive costing us millions. The task was lost in a spreadsheet archived during the transition... we will never get burned again!”

- VP, Tax Counsel at a Fortune 50 Company

Enterprise tax credit solutions for all industry stakeholders

Leveraging years of expertise, The OIX offers cost-effective tax credit management software for businesses of all sizes

C&I Management Systems

Advisory Firm Systems

Broker/Syndicator Systems

Are you prepared for FASB Topic 832?

Recommended by Fortune 500 customers

"Since seamlessly migrating our portfolio to the OIX Credits and Incentives Management System we immediately experienced greater control of our production incentive assets, eliminated confusion, and gained increased productivity. Real-time analytics and reporting will continue to help the corporation and its business units reduce slippage, maximize value and track pacing with great efficiency. Bravo OIX!”

Graham Lee
Vice President, Production Tax Incentives at CBS Corporation

"At Tyson, our tax group has evolved into a proactive component of overall corporate finance. With intelligent use of tax credits and other incentives, we support each of our business units with strategies that optimize profitability and competitiveness. The OIX’s CIMS platform empowers our tax and finance professionals to do just that.”

Jan Nash
Director, Finance at Tyson Foods

Thought leadership

The world is taking notice of how OIX software, which is specifically architected to address government incentives, uniquely assists companies streamline their C&I process.

OIX clients hold irreplaceable knowledge about this emerging asset class and are increasingly becoming a critical component of corporate planning and finance. OIX technology enables these professionals to demonstrate their capabilities and contribute directly to competitiveness and profitability.

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The OIX provides secure and integrated technology solutions for tax credit and incentive management and administration. OIX's cost-effective solutions streamline forecasting, reporting, analysis, monetization, workflow and compliance and internal processes for credits and incentives on a global basis.